I dont know why I ever started a blog, but I think it was a great idea! Thanks Bahee! I'd like to give a shout out to all my commenters. (i think thats how you spell it) I want to put my pic on my profile so bad, but for some reason, I cant figure it out! Oh well, theres some pics on there some where. Leave some comments! PEACE


See ya later Aligator

Well, it has come time to say goodbye! Me and Darrell finally got into our apartment, and found out a little one was on its way and should be coming into the world on or around June 29, 2006! Its a big surprise right now...but I know with time, ill get more and more excited! I had fun while it lasted with all my bloggers...have fun, be safe and remember i'll miss ya! peace out!



:) We signed our first lease yesterday! We went to Mooresville Dollar Store and got all our cleaning supplies, toothpaste, tp, toothbrush holder, just stuff like that...we got ALOT for less than $100.00! Were going down south today to get our electricity turned on, than im going to start cleaning and getting stuff organized! Im so excited!



Well, we finally did it! Were finally moving into an apartment! Im so excited! Were signing the lease today, and than tomorrow were going to get our electric turned on and our phone started! God, I cant wait. Wish us luck!


My Girl

This chick right here is my girl. I've known this girl since my sophomore yr in high school in our Spanish class. God, this girl cracks me up and theres not a day that this girl doesnt have my laughin my ass off! I love this girl!~ In this pic we were hanging out at her friend Rachels house the night of the Martinsville Bon-Fire!

Cambri, Sasha, and Magan

This is 2 pics from a lil' party one night! Me and Magan are standing and me and Sasha are sitting in the chair!


Over a month I was in a wreck and never put the pics up, so here they are...this was when it was at the junk yard in Brooklyn...unfortunatly, i dont have one at the scene!



Friday, I got off at 3 as usually...we (darrell and I) went and stayed at Steve and Heather's. We played Euchre, and once again we beat them. Weve played them 3 times and lost only once. Our record with Euchre is 5-1. Were pretty damn good! Then, we got up and went and ate breakfast at McDonald's...than went to his house! I really dont remember what else we did that day, but I know later we went to my house and spent the night...when we woke up jono (my brother) was asleep on the couch. (we were on the floor in the living room) He likes kepping tabs on me! Sunday, when we got up, we went to his house and watched a boring colts game against the Texans! We went over to Travis's house and played Tiger Woods 2006 on Xbox, OMG, Im hooked on that game. Darrell talks about it all the time, and I was like urggg...its a freakin game, but yea, hes definitly got me hooked!

Indianapolis Colts

Were 7-0! Honestly, the Texans played a really good game against us sunday afternoon, but did the honestly think they were gonna beat the only undefeated team in the NFL? Come on now!


Laguna Beach

Well well well...Jason and LC! You know, I really dont like that Jason kid, but for some reason I think Lauren's gonna be the chick to straighten him out. Poor Stephen, he just gets dumped on by everyone! As for Kristin, yea, last nights show made me hate her more, not really, but wouldnt it be nice to wake up one morning and ur car not start and in the same day, daddy goes and buys you a brand new BMW! Must be nice!


I only watched the first quarter of last nights game bc I got tired and went to bed, but what a surprise to wake up and see that were still undefeated! The score was 17 to 0 when I quite watching it. October 1993 was the last time the Colts were down by 17 in the first quarter! Im so proud of our team, and hopefully we keep this up 'til SuperBowl, and maybe we'll keep it up til our nice stadium gets done for the 2007 season!



This weekend Darrell stayed at my house! I was up at 6 am Saturday and Sunday because he didnt have this weekend off. Yesterday I hung with Teresa for a few hours, and than I went to Rachel's. Speaking of Rachel, Matt got her a ring yesterday, now all shes gotta do is wait for him to give it to exciting? Friday after work, Darrell bought the gold sunfire from mawma and pawpa. Its a cute car, like a chick car, but were both happy about it. My car is in bloomington getting fixed by Tom! Hes also giving me and darrell his bed and kitchen table for our apartment. Im so excited, now we have all the furniture we need. My nanas giving us her living room suite and we have kitchen table, chairs and a bed. 2 TVs, DVD player...SO EXCITED!!!!


Laguna Beach

Wow, you really beginning to dislike Kristin, oh wait, im already there. What a bitch. First off, you dont make out with your best friends crush. I do realize that maybe jess did deserve it bc of what she did to alex with jason, but damn, couldnt it have been someone else? Ok, so its senior prom, and kristin gets asked in the most perfect way by talan, and what does she do, she blows him off the whole prom, and while she does this, she makes sure she makes out with 20 different! As for Alex, ummm...didnt you just about beat jess's ass for messin around with jason while you 2 were talking? So then prom night, while jasons there with someone else, and you hook up with him! Wow, so much drama! Isnt it sad that i keep up with this crap?


Yesterday I was informed that my mom and Tom are possibly moving the wedding date to December 10, 2005. WOW! So we all got to talking about me and Darrell's wedding. My mom came up with the idea of giving us $1000.00 to "run away" and get married. I always told her that I always wanted a huge wedding and she said if you're truely in love, it wouldnt matter, and she was so right, so thats what were doing. Darrell picked out the date June 10, 2006, so thats what were going with. Im pretty sure were going to go to Cabo. I was looking at packages today for $1600.00! Im so excited...Also, I found out today my friend Shelby is pregnant, congrats to her!


Darrell Moore


Go Colts!

Were 5-0! Were doing so good this year, arent we? Our defense was great yesterday. They scored 3 out of the 4 touchdowns! Im so glad we didnt lose to the worst team in the league!


This weekend was pretty good! I stayed with Darrell Friday and Saturday night at Steve and Heather's. We played cards, we had a good time! Than Sunday we went out to my aunt and uncles for my nana's birthday! Oh yea, how could I forget, my mommys getting married Jan. 7, 2006. She found a great guy named Tom. He treats her so good. Im so happy for her. They BOTH (thank god) are divorced! Both got walked out on for someone else! What is the world coming to?



Hey hey! Thank god its Friday. I made it through my first full week of work at Radio Shack! I really like my job. My hours are excellent! Me and Darrell are going out tonight, dont know where yet, because he's surprising me! Exciting!



Now that I know that my anonymous commenter isnt Darrell's mawma or his mom, I wanna know who you are. I dont know, for one, why it would be any of your business that my name was Cambri Moore. Its gonna happen eventually, just not right now, but if I wanna put my last name as Moore on MY website, than I think I have that right. So you can either, 1, not be scared and tell me who you are, or 2, quite commenting on my blog!



Can u believe it, the Indianapolis Colts are 4-0. Yesterdays game against the Titans was good. Hopefully we go undefeated, and win the Super Bowl b4 we get the new, nice, big stadium!

Fire Fire

A couple of days ago, me, darreel, and one of our friends, robert, were hangin out at my house chillin. Darrell got the bright idea to burn an old hat i got from an ex. so he drenched it in gas and as soon as he lite the lighter, it went up in flames. Not only did the hat flame up, but so did darrells hand, lower arm, AND THE GAS TANK. Thinking it was going to explode, he kicked the gas tank over and gas went all in my yard and on my driveway. I ran inside after i realized that the flames were higher than my house, went out the front door to get to the hose. He already had it over to the fire, but it was a new hose, so it was kincked real bad. after we finally got it under control, we laughed ours asses off forever. needless to say, some of our grass is gone and our driveway is black. Thank god for tom bc my mommy would have been pissed. I say thanks to tom, bc now, shes always in a good mood. not that she wasnt ever b4, but u know what love does to a person!!!!!!